G Data AntiVirus 2014

G Data AntiVirus 2014

Hardcore antivirus protection for your PC


  • High malware detection rate
  • One panel makes navigating clearer and simpler
  • Assistant to uninstall other, older antivirus programs
  • Includes resource consumption indicators
  • Scan screensaver activates while your PC is idle


  • You must reboot after installation
  • Lengthy scanning process

Very good

G Data Antivirus helps windows PC users effectively detect malware on their computer and destroy it in a matter of simple clicks.

Frequent internet surfers know how easy it is to pick up viruses and other threats to your PC's health. Oftentimes users don't even realize when it happens until their PC starts acting a bit funky. That's why it's essential to have a top-notch antivirus program on your side that you can refer to regularly to locate and eliminate these threats.

G Data Antivirus is the newest version of a popular antivirus tool, now integrated into a lightweight interface which is fast and easy to use. Users with virtually any level of comfort when it comes to their PC should be able to easily navigate G Data Antivirus's simple layout and keep their computer protected from malware.

Using two different scanning engines, G Data Antivirus is comprehensive PC protection. It also has plenty of customization options in its detailed settings panel. You can set up automatic virus scans, or opt to manually scan your PC at a time most convenient for you. In addition, G Data Antivirus can also perform an email check to ensure none of the attachments you've received are infected by something that could hose up your computer. G Data Antivirus also boasts a new Idle Scan feature, which scans your system even if you walk away from your screen for a while.

Comprehensive protection comes with a price though. Be prepared to be in for a lengthy wait for G Data Antivirus to complete its scan. It can actually take several hours. This long wait-time doesn't seem to compromise PC speed or performance though, so feel free to continue working on something else with G Data Antivirus running in the background.

With two different scanning engines, G Data Antivirus provides a thorough scan for threats to your PC, if you can handle the lengthy scan time.

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